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Battery Pack Prices and Sizes

Revised 7/16/2020

Revision includes lower prices and updated dimensions.

Make the battery accessible.  Then you can use a smaller battery and replace a depleted battery with a full one

Some dimensions are rounded up to make sure the battery will fit.

Capacity Voltage Part Number Length mm Width mm Height mm Length in Width in Height in Price Lead Time

250ma 11.1V 182131 33 25 18 1.3 1 .71 $40.00  Stock
450ma 11.1V 182346 48 23 15 1.9 .9 .6 $40.00  Stock
500ma 11.1V 202639 40 27 18 1.6 1.1 .71 $40.00  Stock
800ma 11.1V 242643 43 25 25 1.7 1 1 $40.00  Stock
850ma 11.1V 182948 52 31 18 2.1 1.22 .71 $40.00  Stock


Imax B6AC Battery Charger $45.00

Charge Cable with Banana Plugs $12.00

For Large Scale Modelers we offer a High Capacity Lithium Ion pack. The pack comes with a JST Connector.

Capacity Voltage Part Number Length mm Width mm Height mm Length in Width in Height in Price Lead Time

3400ma 14.8V 186500 70 37 37 2.75 1.46 1.46 $75.00  Stock
6800ma 14.8V 186501 69 72 36 2.7 2.8 1.4 $114.00  Stock

CVP 14.4V 3400ma Lithium Ion Battery.

CVP 14.4V 6800ma Lithium Ion Battery

CVP battery terminals are reversed polarity from Aristo batteriesCharger for the 14.8V 6800 Lithium Ion pack is $26.00. This charger will NOT charge the other packs listed. Caution: Polarity is reversed from Aristo batteries
All cells have a PCM which limits low voltage, over charge, and has short cirucit protection.Battery packs come with a Polarized Connector. Mating Connectors are available.All packs come with super flexible high temperature silicone wire.Let me know if there are special requests such as wire lengthA charge cable with a Polarized Connector on one end and Banana Plugs on the other is available (Included in all Kits). Wire length 5″: $10.00
Pricing is not based on capacity. Cell cost and assembly costs are the main factors.ChargingI recommend charging at 1/2C, but no more than 1C. C is the capacity. C in a 400ma pack is 400ma. 1/2C is 200ma.
250ma packs should be charged at 100ma. 450ma and 500ma packs should be charged at 200ma.850ma packs should be charged at 400ma.I only use commercial cells. These are the same cells that are used cell phones, instrumentation, and medical equipment.The packs are not the same cells as Hi Rate RC Packs.

CVP Batteries