Which DeadRail system works for you?

SYSTEM: BlueRailDCC by Tam Valley SYSTEM: SoundTraxx Blunami SYSTEM: CVP Airwire

  • BlueRailDCC board
  • iPhone/iPad
  • DCC Decoder (optional)
  • Battery (or track) power

  • Blunami board
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Battery (or track) power

  • CVP Airwire board
  • CVP Controller
  • DCC Decoder
  • Battery
Good choice if you would like to control your loco with a smart device.
Good choice if you would like to control your loco with a smart device. Bluetooth built into decoder.
Good choice if you want a throttle with a dial.
Control Multiple trains with one device.Easy updates to control app.Pre-owned iOS devices are affordable.Easy consisting/speed-matching.Optionally works with no decoder.
SoundTraxx decoder with bluetooth built in. Easy to use CV editing interface. Control Multiple trains with one device.
Established manufacturer.Users like throttle (with dial, buttons and screen).Works with any DCC decoder.
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Update: April 19, 2023

We are back in production of BlueRail 2 Amp and 5 Amp boards. Scroll down to the 2 Amp and 5 Amp boards after clicking the BlueRail DCC “Learn More Buy Now” button above

We have new sources for the missing components and are  now in full production.

Backorders are being filled.

Soundtraxx Blunami Decoders can ordered. We also have a Blunami Dead rail kit available. This will give the customer everything they need to install a Blunami decoder.

We can install Blunami decoders with speakers, on/off switch, and battery.

We can answer most questions and give good support to Blunami customers.  We have been selling the bluerail products for years.

After additional testing, we have determined there is not much range difference between the internal and external antennas.  99% of locos work well with the internal antennas.

Tam Valley has made a some 2 Amp TVD1 boards.  Send an E Mail at info@deadrailinstalls.com to inquire status.

Batteries, chargers, and on/off switch are in production.  Installs are not affected by the component shortage.

For questions contact me at info@deadrailinstalls.com or deadrailinstalls@gmail.com.

Very Important: DO NOT buy the Imax B6AC V2. It will not work. Using other random chargers may be dangerous and void any warranty support. For questions, send me an E Mail at info@deadrailinstalls.com or deadrailinstalls@gmail.com.


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