Soundtraxx Kits and Order Form

Dead Rail Kits are designed for the person that wants to install their own Dead Rail System. Soldering skills required.

Dead Rail Kits contain the following:

  • Soundtraxx Tsunami 2 TSU-1100 or TSU-2200 Decoder of your choice
  • 11.1Volt Lithium Polymer Battery with Connector
  • This is a high quality battery pack with protection control modules. (PCM)
  • PCM protects against low voltage, over charge, short circuits.
  • Speaker with Baffle
  • Shrink Red & Black 3″
  • Kapton tape 4″
  • Charge Cable with battery connector 1
  • Loco connector (s) 2
  • On/Off switch with magnetic reed switch 1
  • 28AWG Silicone Wire Red & Black 6″ each
  • On/Off wiring diagram
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Choice of battery

Choose from the battery options below:11.1 volt 250 mA protected lithium polymer battery
Battery Dimensions are 31mm X 21mm X 18 mm thick. 1.22″ X 0.8″ X 0.7″ Thick11.1 volt 450 mA protected lithium polymer battery
Battery Dimensions are 48mm X 23mm X 15mm. 1.9″ X 0.9″ X 0.6″ Thick11.1 volt 500 mA protected lithium polymer battery
Battery Dimensions are 39mm X 26mm X 20mm. 1.6″ X 1.1″ X 0.76″ Thick

Choose from the SoundTraxx Decoder options below:Tsunami 2 TSU-1100 (1-AMP)

1100 EMD Diesel 885001
1100 Alco Diesel 885003
1100 GE Diesel 885002
1100 Baldwin 885004
1100 Steam 884001

Tsunami 2 TSU-2200 (2-AMP)

2200 EMD Diesel 885005
2200 Alco Diesel 885007
2200 GE Diesel 885006
2200 Baldwin Diesel 885008
2200 Steam 884002


The above decoders are stock items. Other Decoders are available by request.

It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the correct 1 amp or 2 amp decoders and the correct sounds.

Product specifications are at:

Choose from the SoundTraxx Speaker options below:Mini Cube 16mm X 12mm X 11.25mm 810154
Mini Cube 13mm X 9mm X 8.5mm 810155
28mm round with Baffle 810054

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Below are extra items that you may need:

You must have a receiver for the system to work.


C15d     1.5 Amp Convrtr Internal Antenna $89

C15xd    1.5 Amp Convrtr External Antenna $95

C25d 2.5 Amp Convrtr Internal Antenna $99

C25xd 2.5 Amp Convrtr External Antenna $105

C60d 6.0 Amp Convrtr Internal Antenna $132

C60xd 6.0 Amp Convrtr Internal Antenna $138

Choose from the CVP Convrtr options below:

CVP Convrtr


Extra Banana Plug Charge Connector $10.00

Imax B6AC+ Battery Charger $45.00

  • Imax B6AC+

Battery Chargers Out of Stock until June 2020

Customer needs to supply:

  • Battery Charger
  • Soldering Station
  • Tools

Customer needs soldering skills to connect the parts.
Extra batteries are available. Individual components are not sold separately.