Battery Charging and Safety

Packs stored 3 months or longer without use must be recharged

Charge Rates for the Packs

250ma = 100ma charge rate

450ma = 200ma charge rate

500ma = 200ma charge rate

850ma = 400ma charge rate

Battery Charging and Safety is not complicated.  

Use common sense.

Charge on a non-flammable surface

Do not charge batteries unattended. (Don’t go to the store while charging)

Do not charge above the C Rate*

Charging at the ½ C Rate is best*

Observe battery polarity

Use a smart charger.  Wall plug in chargers are not recommended.

Do not get the battery wet.

Do not try to disassemble packs.

Do not try to add a cell to a pack. This will not work and will damage the pack.

Do not drop the pack.

Do not put the pack in your pocket.

Store batteries separately. Do not keep in a jar where they can touch each other.

It’s always a good idea to have a home fire extinguisher.  ABC or BC types are good choices.

Know the stall current of your loco.  Above 2 amps, will trip the PCM on the battery. It will not work.

Inspect all battery packs for signs of swelling. Discontinue use if swelling is observed.

Batteries don’t last forever.  Replace the pack when run time is diminished.

*C Rate explained.  C = Battery capacity.  A 400ma battery has a C Rate of 400.  Charging at the C Rate = 400ma charge rate.  ½ C Rate = 200ma. 2C is 800ma.Type your paragraph here.